Rilakkuma's Omurice Japanese Cube
Rilakkuma's Omurice Japanese Cube

Rilakkuma's Omurice Japanese Cube

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I am obsessed with drawing food as cubes!

  • Waterproof vinyl sticker
  • Outdoor/ indoor usage
  • Dishwasher safe (good for a hydro flask or mug!)
  • 3'' sticker (about the size of your pam*)
  • Soft matte finish on the surface of the sticker (does not have a greasy or slippery feel)
  • Stickers are coated with an anti-fading material that prevents image fading for up to 5 years
  • Made from PVC
  • All stickers are printed in the USA
  • Each food cube arrives in a cute cube envelope, perfect to send as a gift (it is already wrapped up!)
  • Great for phone cases, water bottles, laptops, and notebooks


Food is a love language and give the gift of food today! Whether it be a shared love of ramen with a friend, a memory of always eating a certain candy with your sibling or just a favorite midnight munchie that gives you a smile! When else can you find a cube of food to send to a friend!? 

*I used my own palm as an example, yours might be larger or smaller?


Original designs and illustrations ©Everest Strayer / sinistersquids©

Thank you!