What is your shipping policy?

Your order will be packaged no later than 7 days after the payment is accepted, and shipping will occur the following day. You will receive shipping notification later that day or early the next day. With shipping on demand.



USA: 10-15 Business Days



Canada: 21-28 Business Days

International: 30- 38 Business Days


Why does preparing my order take so long?

I'm unfortunately a single Cube Mama balancing life and shipping out cubes. I carefully bake each cube with care, thank you for understanding. Sorry for the wait.


What's your return policy?

I don't accept returns, cancellation and, exchanges. If the product is faulty upon arrival, or if the package is absolutely lost while in transit due to error of the shipping company, I will refund or resend the package. I am not responsible if the package is lost due to a wrong address provided by the customer. Thank you for your understanding.


Are your stickers waterproof?

Yes, all stickers are waterproof. Weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage!


How do I order wholesale?

Please see my contact form and I would be happy to help you.


Any other questions?

Please see my contact form or email sinistersquids@gmail.com