Photo and editing by Taylor Jung / @tjungphoto on instagram

Photo and editing by Taylor Jung / @tjungphoto on instagram


I cannot help but constantly be in search for ways to embody the feeling of smelling rice cooking during a nap in my childhood home. I have been oftentimes told of the childhood-like quality of my work, and I can only say I am happy to be able to evoke such feelings for others.

There is a certain idealized comfort of home that I sometimes hope to create. This feeling; found in the sunset bike ride home with a friend, in the rainy Saturday - riding down a staircase on pillows with your brother, or in the comforting bowl of buttered noodles or 茅坡豆腐 (MaoPo Tofu).

It is my hope that in evoking feelings of hope, it might make things a little lighter for others.


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